High Shear Mixers Photo Gallery

Series 100

Series 100 High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixers are available from 1/2 through 100 HP. All are constructed with stainless steel wetted parts.

Series 500

Series 500 Mixers are used when a mechanical seal is required for vacuum or pressure service.

Series 500 Sanitary

Series 500 Mixers are deigned for vacuum or pressure operation and for use in sanitary processing environments.

Explosion Proof Model

Laboratory models used with flammable materials require explosion proof motors to enable safe operation.

LCI-T Model

The LCI-T Model is the workhorse of our lab benchtop models. Digital speed control, timer, tachometer and auto raise/lower features.

LSK-I Model

The LSK-I model of our laboratory design is both economical and easy to use. Included are a vari-speed drive & an automated power lift.

100 Series on Hydraulic Lift

The Batch Mixers are available with permanent air/oil hydraulic lifts to automatically raise and lower the mixer from a fixed position vessel.

Series 100 - Portable Stand

Batch Series 100 mixers are frequently used with portable hydraulic lifts to enable there portability and use in multiple mix tanks.

Hydraulic Lift Model - Non Vacuum

High Speed Dispersers are offered for benchtop dispersing requirements. Several choices are available to meet varied process needs.

In Tank Model

Fixed Tank Dispersers are supplied in many sizes up to 250 HP. Standard materials of construction are in type 304 ss.

Hydraulic Lift Model - Vacuum

Hydraulic Lift High Speed Dispersers are normally stocked in several sizes through 50 HP. All include air/oil hydraulic lifts for 100 psi.

HSD with Dust Cover

This unique model includes a hydraulic lift, dust cover with charge chute and a self contained pump attached to the mix vessel.

Series 400 Standard Model

Our Series 400 Inline rotor-stator design. All interchangeable stators are fitted for use with this model. Single or double seals are offered.

Series 400 Sanitary with Vessel

The Series 400-S design is often combined with an inline recirculation vessel.

Series 400 Vertical with Vessel

Vertical rotor-stator models are used to create vortexing circulation in top mount vessels, thereby aiding in solids wet out.

Recirculating System - Self Contained

A variety of Inline systems are offered, complete with vacuum/pressure tanks and controls. Systems are designed to suit application needs.

Series 700

Series 700 Rotor Stator Mixers are available on self contained frames with multiple rotor-stator assemblies and hinged covers.

Series 700

Series 700 Rotor Stator Mixers are designed for continuous duty service. Special heavy duty bearing housings are provided.

Series 700 Sanitary Inline

Series 700 sanitary design is supplied with all stainless steel components to meet the strictest sanitary process standards.

MegaShear Model

The MegaShear is the ultimate in high shear mixing. Solids particle size reduction and sub-micron particles are common applications.

X-Series Production Model

Ultra High Shear emulsification and emulsification are common applications for this rugged high tip speed design. (up to 18,000 fpm)

X-Series Lab Model

X-Series Ultra high shear models are used for difficult applications that require close tolerances and high tips speeds.

400 DLA Model

The 400 DLA Inline Model is used for small batch and inline projects. Perfect for product development and scale up efforts.

LCI-T Model

The LCI-T Model is the workhorse of our lab benchtop models. Digital speed control, timer, tachometer and auto raise/lower features.

100 LSK-I

The LSK-I Model is ideal for laboratory development work. Includes vari speed drive, LCD display, tachometer, electro lift - IN Stock!

PreMax Production Model

Pigment dispersions of the highest quality are produced at high flow and shear rates. Many sizes supplied.

PreMax Lab Model

The Lab Model of the PreMax offers high shear rates when using the "Delta" rotor-stator.

SLIM Systems

Inline SLIM systems with agitated tanks and controls are ideal for high volume wetting of difficult to wet solids.

SLIM Illustration

The working head of the SLIM system is designed to create an intense vacuum and to pull in and wet out solids on contact.

Portable Inline SLIM

Most SLIM systems are provided on portable carts with seal pressure pots, a feed hopper and controls.

Laboratory SLIM

This laboratory model SLIM includes 316 stainless steel components, a mirror finish on ss internal surfaces, 1.75 gal hopper and double mechanical seals.